LaBonne's Cash for Charities

Since 1991 we have supported local charities and non profit organizations with over $450,000 in donations from our “Cash for Charities” program so they could in turn help others.

How Cash for Charities works:

1. To be qualified for the LaBonne’s Cash for Charities Rebate Program, an organization must be a recognized non-profit operation. Organizations may be of a local, state or national scale and must submit an application online using this form.

2. LaBonne’s management reserves the right to disqualify any applications they may consider as potential personal or corporate gain.

3. All applications submitted, approved, or disqualified, will be notified in writing or by email.

4. The process to begin is relatively simple and once approved, an organization should encourage their supporters to shop at the nearest LaBonne’s store and save their shopping receipts.

5. Your Organizations Participants should turn in their receipts to the organization, NOT to LaBonne’s. Receipts are only turned into LaBonne’s by the organization once bundled and totaled with a Grand Total.

6. After the close of each month, or at the discretion of the Chairperson of the organization, receipts should be either dropped off at your Local LaBonne’s Store where they will be transferred and delivered to our Corporate Office for processing. Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for handling, processing and payments to be sent.

7. LaBonne’s will pay 1/2% of the total sales, less the sales tax tabulated on your total number of receipts. All receipts must be added less the sales tax; please include the tabulation. Tapes not added will be returned to the organization.

8. LaBonne’s will disburse checks at regular intervals once the accumulated rebate amount reaches $25.00 or more.

9. LaBonne’s Markets reserves the right to cancel this program at any time. However, any possibility of cancellation will not affect payments scheduled for the last submission.


Cash for Charities Application Form

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