LaBonne's Rewards & Loyalty Points

Get a LaBonne's Reward Card the next time you check out and come back to this page to register it for $5 off your next order!

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How it works

1) 5% Loyalty Points

Earn 5% cash back LaBonne's Loyalty Points on all the items and categories listed below. Points accumulate over time as long as you swipe your registered reward card or enter your phone number at checkout.

Once you reach $5.00 in value, you can redeem them on almost anything in the store or defer them for a later purchase. 

Your cashier can tell you how many points you have and how much of your transaction is redeemable. Your current point balance is also printed on the bottom of your receipt.

The current reward point program ends on September 12th, 2019. All existing points expire on that date and a new program will start. 

2) $5 Off & Digital Coupons via Email

Register using your email address and within 3 days you'll get a message from us letting you know a $5 off digital coupon has been added to your account! 

In addition to this you will occasionally receive frustration free digital coupons via email for up to 13% off. 

Current Loyalty Point Eligible Categories